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Fun & Interesting Photographs: Houston
2010-Present (26)
1996-Present (30)
1996-Present (43)
Archived Non-Catorgized
1996-2010 (208)
Arizona, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.
2007 (24)
2012 (18)
Las Vegas
2013 (19)
Texas Road Trips
2010 - Present (62)
Movie & Play Photographs: Dracula - A Theatre Production (TX)
2012 (73)
Dracula - A Multi-media Drama (CA)
2009-2010 (44)
Yellow Haze - A Webisode Series
2009 (24)
Half a Man - A Short Film
2008 (14)
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February 16, 2017 - Found a few old photo's I meant to post a while back. So there are 4 new photos under Texas Road Trips
February 12, 2017 - I have decided to shoot with my old Sony A100 with a HOLGA lens, and in B&W for this year.
Although I haven't been out yet this year, I am looking forward to seeing and sharing what I capture.

About Tyler -

I grew up in California most of my life and for the majority of those years, in Sacramento.
I graduated Del Campo H.S. in '92, then went in the Army for 4 years, 2 in Germany, 2 in Fort Lewis, WA.
Once out of the service I returned to Sacramento. I went to college for Computer & Network Technology.
I have been working in the IT related field since 1997.
I lived in Sacramento from January 1997 - June 2010.
In August 2010, I moved out to Houston, TX and reside here to this day.


My Photography -

I have been doing photography, off and on since 1993.

The photography you will see on my site is done for myself, friends, family, and a few special projects.

Tyler O. Ballou - June 2006
24 May 2010
(The problem with being the photographer, no photo's of yourself.
And I don't do self portraits, or "Selfies")

My Camera's -



Canon EOS Rebel II (35-80mm) - (Retired)

Sony DSLR-A100 (10.2 MP) (Holga DSLR Adapted Lens)

Contaflex Super (50mm) - (Semi-Retired) Nikon Coolpix S9300 (16 MP)
Konica TC (50mm) - (Retired) Sony DSLR-A55V (16.2 MP) (Multiple Lenses) - (Gifted)
Plastic toy camera (50mm) - (Retired) Canon Powershot SD1000 (7.1 MP) - (Gifted)
Argus C3 "The Brick" (50mm) - (Retired) Olympus Camedia D-545 ZOOM (4.0 MP) - (Gifted)
  Sony DSC-F505V (3.3 MP) - (Retired)


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